April 21 is "National Banana Day."  This special food holiday celebrates perhaps God's perfect food.  The banana is colorful, tasty, inexpensive, healthy, and it comes in its own natural packaging.  And you can buy however many you want.  One?  A dozen?  Sure!  And a banana can be a part of any number of food dishes.

As for me, a sliced banana on a bowl of cold cereal takes that simple morning breakfast to a whole higher level.  Banana cream pie stands alone among all cream pies, in my humble opinion (although I have been known to do some serious damage to a chocolate cream pie).

To help you curate your own "banana holiday," here are eleven places around Upstate New York that serve up bananas in any number of ways.  Do you like banana pancakes?  They are here.  How about a cup of frozen banana custard?  Got it.  How about a delicious fresh banana cream cookie?  Served from a one-of-a-kind pink vending machine?  Sure, it is on here.

How about a refreshing sip of Banana Foster Scotch Ale?  Uh, hold on for a second.  Banana beer?  Oh, why not?  Go ahead and take a look.  It is here.

So if you have a favorite banana item that you want to share with our readers (and it is not on this list), please feel free to do so over on our Facebook page.

Celebrate National Banana Day With Shakes, Pies, Cookies, and (?) Banana Beer!

April 21 is the day we celebrate God's perfect fruit, the banana! I mean, it is super tasty, super healthy, super beautiful, and it comes in its own natural packaging! So, here's to you King Banana. To help you celebrate we have listed eleven places around Upstate New York where you can indulge on this special day in a banana cookie, banana cream pie, a cup of banana custard, a banana doughnut, and yes, even a bottle of banana beer. Well, kind of.

Check it out and have a fun time celebrating National Banana Day!

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