When was the first time you went berry picking in Upstate New York?  In the 1990s?  1970s?  1950s?  Whenever it was I am sure it was a great time and a longstanding and wonderful memory.

We packed the kids up in the old station wagon and headed out to our local family u-pick 'em farm.  When we arrived the kids flung open the doors and raced over to pick up one of those old wicker baskets the farm provided to gather your berries in.

Soon the whole family was involved in the fun.  I remember seeing the parking lot full of cars, but the farmer's fields looked empty.  Why?  Because everybody was bent way down picking gorgeous, red juicy strawberries from the plants.  You could tell which kids couldn't resist the urge to "taste test" them because of the telltale red juice dripping down their little cheeks (the farmer didn't mind).  Finally, laden with their luscious treasures, the kids headed back to the entrance where the baskets were weighed.  Then back to the station wagon.

Oh, those berries!  They usually ended up in pies, or on ice cream, or piled on top of their bowl of Corn Flakes.  Or just grabbed from the bowl that was seemingly always in the Frigidaire!

Everybody enjoyed this adventure, from Grandma and Grandpa right down the line to the wee ones.

Strawberry picking season is here, and the farms and fields across Upstate New York are ready for their closeup.  Here are a dozen places to relive (or start) your own berry-picking experience.  And remember, with over 100 places to choose from, we couldn't name them all.  So, please, if you have a favorite berry picking U-Pick 'Em that didn't make this list, visit our Facebook page and give them a shout out!

Great Strawberry Picking Destinations in Upstate New York

Berry picking in Upstate New York has been around for generations. Strawberry (currently), blueberry, raspberry and more are the targets of families, young and old alike, who descend on the 100+ "U-Pick" farms in the region for some personal berry "shopping." Here are a dozen that are really great!

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