The Oneonta Common Council held its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday. One of the items on the agenda was to review the mask ordinance in the city. The timing was due to Governor Andrew Cuomo following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) mask-wearing guidelines and new recommendations for those fully vaccinated against COVID-19, that went into effect here in New York State yesterday (May 19).

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How is the City of Oneonta responding to the new guidelines in the state? According to AllOTSEGO, the council members were all in agreement that Oneonta should follow in suit which means the following:

  • masks will no longer be required in downtown Oneonta.
  • Masks ARE STILL REQUIRED at public events, for example, Memorial Day celebrations or any public gathering where people cannot social distance.
  • Businesses and places of worship are allowed to have their own rules when it comes to mask requirements.

After Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig signs off on the new mask guidelines, they will go into affect two weeks later. Until that happens, we all need keep our masks on.

In terms of COVID-19 case numbers, Otsego County is doing well currently, only 5 new cases reported yesterday, most likely due to more people getting outside to enjoy the nice weather and more and more people getting vaccinated for the coronavirus now that those 12 and older can receive it. Plus access to the vaccine has been increasing with more localized vaccine clinics in Otsego County. To get the latest information on vaccination clinics visit To see the latest COVID-19 case number information, visit

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