One of Oneonta, NY's most stately and historic properties with over 271 acres has gone up for sale for a cool $4.2 million after being in the same family since before 1935. According to listing company Corcoran Country Living, 19 Emmons Farm is named after Asa Emmons who came to what is now known as Oneonta in the early 1800s, cleared the land, and started building. It was on the Emmons Farm property that the first tavern was built (1840) and then a schoolhouse (1850). The house for sale was originally built in 1906 and owned by a man named Kendrick Morgan. This stately home is now an incredible, 6-family luxury apartment building and includes a 4-family apartment Carriage House, The Granary building which is a duplex, a cottage home "the Morgan", and even a greenhouse.

It doesn't stop there. Believe it or not, what was once a manure house is now a "chic" 3-story, 2-bedroom cottage called the Cellar House. The Feedhouse was turned into a 1-bedroom cottage with a deck. All the homes have garages.

To say Emmons Farm is a premier property is an understatement in my opinion. I have been to Emmons Farm and there is no disputing that it is a stunning piece of property with incredible apartments, cottages, and homes. People who live there, stay there because there's nothing like it in the area. There is quite a bit more to it than mentioned above. You'll just have to take a look...

Oneonta Emmons Farm Most Exclusive Rentals Around

Emmons Farm located in the Town of Oneonta, NY on Rt. 7 is one of the most, if not THE most exclusive property where people can rent apartments and cottages. Emmons Farm is steeped in a generational history which dates back to the early 1800's when Asa Emmons first came to the area. The photos below show off its grandeur and incredible qualities.

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