Orville Peck's new EP will feature a Shania Twain duet and a Bobbie Gentry cover. The rising singer-songwriter announced his plans for Show Pony on Friday (May 29).

Due out on June 12, Show Pony will feature six songs. Peck released its first track, "Summertime," on April 1, and shared its second track, "No Glory in the West," on Friday as well.

"What's a boy to do? / Hit the road with a dollar or two / Haunted by what he knows he can't do / Gets it off his chest / 'Cause there ain't no glory in the west," Peck sings. An accompanying video, directed by Isaiah Seret with creative direction from Peck and Carlos Santolalla, follows Peck as he traverses a dark, frozen landscape.

Watch Orville Peck's "No Glory in the West" Music Video

Show Pony concludes with a cover of Gentry's "Fancy," also made famous by Reba McEntire, which is preceded by his Twain collaboration, a song called "Legends Never Die." Peck says working with the country icon "was a dream come true [because] her music made me feel empowered as a kid and was a huge influence on me." Songs titled "Drive Me, Crazy" and "Kids" round out the project.

“I loved my experience with [my debut album], Pony. However, Show Pony is a more confident perspective and allows me to share even more both lyrically and musically," Peck explains in a press release. "Like all country albums, Show Pony is a little collection of stories -- some sad, some happy -- and I am excited for people to hear it."

Peck released Pony in March of 2019 to critical acclaim. Show Pony is available for pre-order now.

Orville Peck, Show Pony Track Listing:

1. "Summertime"
2. "No Glory in the West"
3. "Drive Me, Crazy"
4. "Kids"
5. "Legends Never Die" (with Shania Twain)
6. "Fancy"

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