Randy Travis and his wife Mary became emotional during a recent trip to Marshville, N.C. The small, rural town in south central North Carolina is where the singer grew up, and a new mural shows that they haven't forgotten him.

On Instagram, Travis shared a photo of in front of the brick mural, smiling big, with Mary behind him. The image is of an older version of the singer, with waves of gray mixed in with his dark hair. A familiar focus and that famous strong jawline set the gaze apart as unique.

While the mural was finished months ago, last weekend's Randy Travis Festival was his first trip back since, and thus his first time to sit in front of it.

Scott Nurkin of the Mural Shop painted the mural.

"Went home to Marshville for the Randy Travis Music Festival with family and friends," an Instagram post shares. "Rose and Ricky were there!"

Rose and Ricky would be two of Travis' five siblings. A video news report from WBTV-TV in Charlotte, N.C., captured Travis' moment and his reaction.

Travis moved away from North Carolina at a young age to pursue music in Nashville, but struggled for years before his song "1982" became a hit. That led to the release of Storms of Life, an album that's getting a 35th anniversary release on Friday (Sept. 24). The new mural shows that the town he grew up in appreciates what he's done as much as he appreciates having grown up there.

Last weekend's festival wasn't the first time he has returned to Marshville for an honor. In 2017 Travis went back to help unveil new Welcome to Marshville signs that included his name. That ceremony followed three years during which the town's welcome sign didn't include his name. The mayor at the time said the old ones were in disrepair and no disrespect was meant.

"I didn't know so many people from all over the country could find my phone number!" Franklin Deese joked, per the Boot.

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