RC & the Ambers' new song "Drunk, High and Loud" should be a thrill for Turnpike Troubadours fans. Prior to going on "indefinite hiatus" in 2019, the band made the song a staple of their live shows, and when Turnpike founding member and bassist RC Edwards and his group recorded their debut album, they included their version in the tracklist.

"The song was a staple of Turnpike shows and always a fan favorite. Folks have been asking for a recording of it for years," Edwards tells The Boot. "[I'm] happy to oblige."

Edwards and company's "Drunk, High and Loud" — a twangy, boot-stompin', hand-clappin' good time, ready for any honky-tonk playlist — is premiering exclusively via The Boot; press play below to listen. Edwards co-wrote it with Texas singer-songwriter Jonny Burke ("my old drinking buddy and songwriting partner," Edwards calls him).

"It’s about an outlaw couple from Tahlequah, [Okla.], living it up when they get a chance and enjoying their three favorite things: getting drunk, getting high and getting loud," Edwards adds for those who've yet to hear the song. Indeed, armed with a contraband "bottle of hooch in her purse," the pair are ready to raise hell and "throw ourselves a party that'll make Bocephus proud."

"Drunk, High and Loud" is one of 11 songs on RC & the Ambers' forthcoming debut album, Big Country. The band is the core duo of Edwards and Amber Watson, and, now, also Justin Kay, Nicholas Pitre and Lance Roark.

"RC & the Ambers is a band me and Amber Watson have been kicking around different versions of for a while now. [We] figured it was time to make a record," Edwards says, noting that Big Country is "definitely not a TT record."

Still, Edwards and Watson recorded the project in the fall of 2020 with fellow Turnpike Troubadour Hank Early at Tahlequah's Pine Curtain Studios. Gabriel Pearson and Kyle Nix, also Turnpike members, and Vandoliers member Cory Graves assisted, too.

"It was a chance for me and Hank to get weird and record some songs that I had been playing live," Edwards reflects. "It's not often you are gonna hear both Dick Vitale and a Bocephus cover with a horn section on the same country album. But that’s what we ended up with."

Big Country is due out on Sept. 10. Keep up with RC & the Ambers at RCAndTheAmbers.com.

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