Reba McEntire is a woman of many talents. She can sing, she can dance, she can act and she can do something to a bull that very few (if any) country women would ever dream of doing. But that's just one of the many facts about the country superstar that may surprise you.

Although she's a country music icon now, McEntire's career got off to a rocky start. Her first single, "I Don't Want to Be a One Night Stand," arrived in 1978, but it was a bust. Her next four singles also failed to make an impression, but slowly, things began to change. In 1979, she scored a Top 20 hit, and a year later, she cracked the Top 10. Finally, in 1982, "Can't Even Get the Blues" hit No. 1, and the most famous redhead in country music history hasn't looked back.

Fans who've followed her for more than 40 years might know most of these 10 things about McEntire, but there is bound to be a surprise or two. The less committed fan will see this iconic singer differently by the end of this list.

10 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Reba McEntire:

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