Friends of Recovery of Delaware and Otsego Counties has been very successful in getting area businesses in Chenango, Delaware and Otsego Counties to participate in their Rural Recovery Development Opportunities and Career Services Program (RR-DOCS), making those places of employment a recovery-friendly employer, giving those in recovery from a Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD), another greatly needed chance to turn their lives in a positive direction.

As FORDO seeks to recruit as many participating businesses as possible, they are also inviting anyone from 18 up to 65 years of age who has a pre-existing or current SUD, is living in either Chenango, Delaware or Otsego Counties, and is looking for employment or wants to further their career, to participate in the RR-DOCS program. Learn more by contacting Deborah Roberts at 607-287-8518 or email her at

Last Friday, FORDO posted a list of those participating businesses on their Facebook Page and the number of businesses is impressive and growing. Take a look...

The great thing about this program is that it's free for qualifying participants regardless of where they are in their employment path. They can help those in recovery get hired, receive job training, or get help on their road to recovery and ultimately employment.

Find out more about FORDO and their services at

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