Ross Ellis has penned songs for plenty of artists who are used to having hits at country radio -- for example, Tim McGraw -- but the first time he, as an artist, heard one of his songs coming over the airwaves, he had a hard time even believing that that was his voice coming out of the speakers.

The up-and-coming country act has busily paid his dues in the music business, both as a songwriter and also as a performer known for opening for acts including Brett Young, RaeLynn, Chase Rice and the Eli Young Band. Once his hard work began coming to fruition in terms of radio success, Ellis was excited, and so was his family -- up to a point. To learn more, read on as Ellis tells the story of the first time he ever heard his music on the radio. 

Actually, it was people sending it to me from [SiriusXM] The Highway! I couldn't really believe it at first, that it was even on there.

I remember the first time I heard it, I was driving back home to Louisiana -- [the song was, fittingly] "Home for the Weekend." I just played it cool: took some videos of the screen, you know.

[When my songs come on the radio now], I leave it there [and don't turn it off]. It got to a point where they were playing it at home so much, my family was like, "Ugh, gosh, we've got to listen to this again?" [But they] better not turn it off!

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