It's been a long road to Nashville for Australian duo Seaforth, but bandmates and childhood friends Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson say that they've loved immersing themselves in Music City's songwriting community over the past year.

"Moving to Nashville, that was our primary focus in the beginning, and we fell in love with this town," Seaforth told The Boot on the carpet of the SESAC Nashville Awards in late 2019. "To be accepted by such a growing, inspiring community has been incredible. Being surrounded by people that are so much better than you all the time, it's a force to get better."

Of course, the band's home country is still close to their heart: They take their name from the Sydney suburb where they both grew up, and they're navigating each step in their career as a pair of lifelong best friends.

"It's awesome, man. We've literally known each other since we were three years old," the duo explain. "It's great to experience all these firsts -- the career first, the big shows, everything -- [together], and ... we'd be kind of lost without each other at this point."

Fortunately, Thompson and Jordan's musical partnership shows no signs of slowing down. Their collaboration with Mitchell Tenpenny, "Anything She Says," is currently a single at country radio, they released their Love That EP in April, and they've got lots more planned for the year ahead.

"[We] just want to keep making the best music we possibly can. Grow as much as we can. We're trying to get an album together, and more new music ready for [2020]," they explain. "We're gonna put some music out at the top of next year -- that's a goal. So we can keep moving forward and keep putting content out, play some more shows and just keep building."

Seaforth's growing fanbase has seen one side of the band in the music they've already released, and the duo says they're hoping to show how dynamic they are with releases to come. "We're trying to show off all the sides, musically," the say.

"We're obsessed with music -- that's all we know!" they add. "We're excited to put more out, and hopefully people will enjoy it."

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