For such a fun, cute, and carefree name, snowstorm "Izzy" sure did leave behind more snow than we bargained for in Oneonta! It's interesting how this storm rolled out in our area because the National Weather Service wouldn't lay claim to any snowstorm total until Sunday. I know because I kept checking in with the National Weather Service in Binghamton to find out what our region including Chenango, Delaware, and Otsego Counties was going to be in for so that I could share that with area residents. Let's face it, it's always better to know what coming than be surprised.

Sunday evening the NWS was calling for between 7 and 8 inches. That turned out to be fairly accurate for the Sunday overnight. I checked in with Oneonta's National Weather Service Observer, David Mattice and he said that as of yesterday morning, Oneonta had received 7.4" of snow. But then between the flurries yesterday and a surprising amount overnight last night, an additional 7 inches fell bringing the storm total for Oneonta up to 14.4" according to Mattice who informed me this morning.

The good news is that because yesterday was a national observance for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and schools were out of session, the storm was perfectly timed for the most convenience, at least for families with kids in school.

The other good news is that New York State Police Troop C says that although troopers were kept busy in the storm, assisting with minor storm-related incidents, there were no major incidents to report.

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It's funny that the first real snowstorm of winter didn't happen until more than halfway through January. That's certainly unusual, but then again, is there anything "normal" about this time we're in right now?

Below, we have some photos from area residents to share...

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