I think it is great that the sport of bowling is still around and alive.  As a kid I enjoyed watching the grainy black and white television bowling shows that came out of Syracuse, Binghamton and Paramus New Jersey in the 1950s and 1960s.  Somehow, whenever we think of doing something with friends and family today, going to a bowling alley is not necessarily the first thing that springs into our heads.  Maybe that should change.

Everybody can roll a ball, the lanes are fun and lively, they have food and drinks, and it is a perfect sport to enjoy as teams with others.  Here is a sampler list of 11 bowling alleys spread out across Upstate New York.  There are others, but if you use this list as a guide you will see that no matter where you roam in Upstate you  are really never more than an hour away from a bowling adventure.  Good luck!  (Note:  Bowling alleys, like other entertainment venues, have suffered greatly during "The Great Pause."  Now they are starting to come back in one shape or another.  Please call ahead to make sure that the lanes on this list are back open and to check their hours before you make a long trip).

11 Great Places to Bowl a Strike in Upstate New York

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