The Ballroom Thieves got into a scary, massive crash on an icy stretch of Wyoming's 1-80 highway over the weekend, but the bandmates are all okay -- though some of the people involved in the pile-up aren't so lucky.

The band took to Twitter on Monday (March 2) to let their fans know about the accident, which took place the day before. "Yesterday afternoon we started to slide on an icy portion of I-80 West in Wyoming, along with dozens of semis and passenger cars. We lost control of our van and crashed into the snow-filled median," they explain, alongside video footage of the snow-covered wreckage.

"As we ran away from the van, a truck jackknifed our trailer, lodging us in place," the Ballroom Thieves continued. "We blindly listened in three feet of snow as cars and trucks continued to pile on behind us. The six of us are all okay, but others weren't as lucky."

At the time they wrote their post, the band was divided into two groups. Two bandmates had remained with the van and trailer ("which are (somehow) in relatively good condition," they noted), while the other four were at a hotel waiting for the highway to re-open.

"Right now we're looking forward to being reunited, hugging each other and cautiously moving forward with the tour," they added. "We love you. More soon."

The Ballroom Thieves dropped their newest album, Unlovely, on Feb. 14, and were out on the road as part of a tour in support of the project. On Feb. 29, they played a sold-out show in Denver, Colo., and at the time of their accident, the band was looking forward to a March 3 performance in Boise, Ida.

But on Tuesday (March 3), the band told their fans that unfortunately, they wouldn't be able to make it to that gig after all. The highway was, in fact, still shut down as emergency crews worked to clear the wreckage, two days after the massive pile-up.

"Boise, sadly, we won't be able to make it to you tonight," the band wrote. "The I-80 pileup wreckage is enormous and the roads will be closed for at least another day. All tickets will be refunded at point of purchase, and we'll be back as soon as we can."

In their post, they included a snapshot of an unharmed cow peering out from inside one of the trucks involved in the wreck.

While the band didn't specify exactly where the wreck took place, it seems likely that it took place near Creston Junction, Wy., in an over 100-vehicle pile-up that the Wyoming Highway Patrol reported on Monday (March 2.) The Highway Patrol indicated that three people died in that wreck, and 30 people were taken to the emergency room. Weather was cited as a factor in the crash.

After news broke of the tornado that ripped through Nashville early on Tuesday morning, the Ballroom Thieves also sent their thoughts to those affected by the storms in Music City. "Feeling more like the end of days than usual lately," they wrote.

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