Americana duo the Danberrys are premiering their new music video, for their song "Shine," with The Boot. Press play above to watch.

The title track of the Danberrys' next album, "Shine" takes an honest look at the healing process that follows a childhood trauma, and its music video offers a visual, and metaphorical, take on the topic. The Danberrys -- Dorothy Daniel and Ben DeBerry -- shot the clip on Daniel's family's land in Charlotte, Tenn. Scot Sax directed the video.

"Sometimes, darkness may roam," Daniel sings, a dark melody brewing behind her. "Shine, shine, wherever it goes."

High school sweethearts Daniel and DeBerry went their separate ways for five years, then crossed paths at a Cookeville, Tenn., bar in the summer of 2006. Four months later, the two were married. They moved to Nashville in 2008 and released their debut EP as the Danberrys, Company Store, in 2011. The project earned the pair a nomination at the Independent Music Awards, and was followed by full-length albums in 2013 and 2016.

Shine, the Danberrys' third full-length album, is due out on May 8. The 12-track project -- produced by Brian Brinkerhoff and Marco Giovino and recorded at Dagotown Records in Boston, Mass. -- finds the couple departing from the acoustic sound for which they're known to incorporate elements of blues, rock and folk into their music. The change allows Daniel and DeBerry to take a slightly darker turn and spotlight their lyrics, some of which they co-wrote with Jon Weisberger.

Shine represents a major shift in our sound, moving away from our acoustic-centric past while staying rooted in our love for the song and the groove," the Danberrys say. "By venturing outside of our comfort zone, sonically and process-wise, we were able to make an organic record that we’re excited for the world to hear."

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