Country rap duo the Lacs get real about the fallout from a breakup in their song "Night Falls," and its accompanying music video looks back on that lost relationship, both when things were good and as it fell apart. Press play above to watch the new clip, premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Filmed in Baxley, Ga., and directed by Crucifix, Hard Target and Breadwin, the "Night Falls" music video features Lacs members Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe and Brian “Rooster” King sippin' something strong and performing the song from the back of a pickup truck. Scenes of a couple in love, then falling apart, are interspersed.

A friend inspired the Lacs to write "Night Falls," King tells The Boot: "Our friend was really into this girl. Then, one day, everything went south," the artist recounts.

"He acted cool around all of us, but there were a few nights we would show up to the river and see our friend just falling apart," King adds. "He was trying to hide his hurt from us during the day, when everyone would hang out, then at night, [he would] become distant, and you could notice his hurt."

"Night Falls" comes from the Lacs' newest album, Rise and Shine, released in October via their own Dirt Rock Empire label. Sharpe says it's "easily one of our favorite songs" on the project.

"We wrote this to show the good and bad side of our friend's relationship," he shares. "It's one of those old sad country songs -- dirt-riding music."

The Lacs have released more than a dozen albums since forming in 2002. Currently, the duo is headlining a tour with Demun Jones and others. Visit for a full list of their show dates, as well as more information on their latest album.

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