I love this time of year because the smell of delicious things cooking on the grill floats through the air and permeates everything. Also because it's officially hot dog season.

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Hot dogs are a staple for summer but if you haven't had one of these dressed-up hot dogs, you're missing out in a big way.  No joke, these mouth-wateringly delicious toppings are amazing. 

If you like the idea and are looking for some inspiration, my husband and I love to experiment with different ways to top off our all-beef hot dogs and we've decided to share some of our favorite ways with you!

To start- you'll need:
- A package of hot dogs and a package of hot dog roll
- To cook the dogs. You can grill, microwave, or boil them until cooked.
- Time to jazz up the hot dogs (don't worry- it doesn't take too long!)

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