Tigirlily are betting on themselves in their latest single, "My Thang." Come what may, the sister duo are "still gonna love me," they profess.

Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh bring energy to their follow-your-arrow anthem with a new acoustic performance, now available exclusively on The Boot. Keep reading to watch the pair perform the song from an idyllic front porch, just their two voices and an acoustic guitar.

"I'mma keep doing my thang / Come shine, come rain / Whatever the weather / I'mma keep doing my thang / Come love, come pain / Never or forever / You know it don’t really matter / If you like it or not," the Slaubaughs sing in the chorus. "I’m heading somewhere / I don’t really like to fake it a lot / You do you and I’ll do me / Whatever that means / I'mma keep doing my thang

Robert Chavers directed Tigirlily's acoustic performance. The sisters co-wrote the song with labelmate Walker Hayes, while Shane McAnally and Louis Newman co-produced it.

Originally from North Dakota, Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh learned to sing and harmonize with each other at a young age. They were 14 and 16, respectively, when they decided to pursue a music career full time in 2013; three years later, they'd moved to Nashville.

In 2020, both of the Slaubaughs graduated from Belmont University; later that year, Tigirlily were featured in a Keds shoes campaign spotlighting women entrepreneurs. Their recent single "Somebody Does" helped land the pair a deal with Monument Records.

The studio version of "My Thang" is available to stream and purchase now. Fans can keep up with Tigirlily at Tigirlily.com.

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