Tracy Lawrence had nearly an hour with country legend Clint Black, and he didn't waste a minute of it. The two '90s hitmakers have so much in common and appreciate each other musically, but only one will say he owes the other for kick-starting his career in country music.

Black is this week's guest on Honky Tonkin' With Tracy Lawrence, a syndicated radio show that airs on more than 150 radio stations each weekend. Along with co-host and executive producer Patrick Thomas, the two men go back in time to the '90s country boom and beyond. A conversation about songwriting leads to an analysis of today's country music, with the slightly older singer reminding viewers that change is a constant.

"Haggard and the Bakersfield sound was not country to a lot of people," Black says. "And then it became the very definition of traditional country."

Black remains very active in country music, having released a new album (Out of Sane) as recently as 2020. He's also the host of an interview-based show called Talking in Circles on the Circle Network. During Season 2, he got to interview Lawrence. They were very happy to switch positions a few months later.

"You were one of the main reasons that I came to Nashville," Lawrence says at the very beginning of the conversation. "The things that happened musically in 1989 changed my life, and you were a big part of that."

Jump ahead to about the 56:45 mark to find Lawrence doubling down on that show of appreciation. "I have so much respect for you, and thank you for inspiring me as a young kid," he says, becoming a little emotional.

"I'm going to take half the credit for you now," Black fires back as the two men laugh.

Fans of classic country music will appreciate the depth of this interview. Black and Lawrence not only go back to their roots, they tell stories about legends like Mel Tillis and songs like "Killin' Time" before sharing exciting plans for 2022. If you've ever wondered how "Desperado" by the Eagles became a Clint Black staple, jump to 42:20.

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