Reba McEntire is truly one of a kind. Her fiery red hair, spunky personality and zest for life -- not to mention her killer voice and sparkling stage presence -- have made the singer an icon in country music. And throughout her 40-year career (throughout her life, really), McEntire has been part of some truly unforgettable moments.

Of course her CMA Awards performance in that red dress is unforgettable, but it's nowhere near the wildest thing McEntire's ever done; no, that honor would have to go to the ... er, unique ... childhood chore she had on her family's ranch. McEntire's "Fancy" music video, meanwhile, is one of her best -- and it's also unforgettable because it's one of her first (now of many) acting roles.

McEntire can be sassy, classy, funny and ... club-y (yes, really!), but perhaps her most unforgettable moment is one that's heart-wrenching, heartbreaking and proves that she's resilient even in the face of unimaginable tragedy. Press play on the video above to re-live seven of McEntire's most memorable career highlights.

Reba McEntire Through the Years

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