Wednesday the rains in Walton came, and continued, and intensified. At 6 PM there was a heavy storm which produced several inches in a short period of time that led to flooding on Delaware Street and surrounding areas. The main street locations where water was running over were on Rt 206, leading into the village near the Kraft Plant as well as  Veterans Park, located in the middle of Walton, which was designed to take on water during flood situations. The streets on Delaware Street had several inches of water for a short period of time.

Fortunately, the storm passed, the water receded and it was back to normal in short order. Frank Ward, longtime weather observer for the community reported a storm total of 3.22 inches, this on top of the already saturated ground from the past several days of steady to heavy rain in the community. Ward remarked  July had been very dry, early in the month with concern of a drought, but, with the rains of the past week, there has now been 8 plus inches, which now has Walton in 3rd place, all time, for the most rainfall during the month.



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