Sturgis Weekend is something that motorcyclists from all over the United States look forward to every year. With hundreds of thousands of motorists gathering in Sturgis, SD this week the roads are guaranteed to be busy. Lots of motorcycles will be heading through the area, stopping at our national parks for a break, and enjoying this long-awaited week of fun.

Kicking off at noon today (August 6th), events will carry on daily for the next 10 days. With artists like Kid Rock, Clint Black, and ZZ Top this year's rally will be one for the books. Events are carrying on, for the 81st Annual Rally as they would every year, even with the new Delta Variant of COVID on the rise.

Photo by Nomad Bikers on Unsplash

Some people are concerned that the "lack of care" or "acknowledgment" of the Delta Variant at this rally is irresponsible and careless. While others are insisting we "get back to normal". It's no shock that the state of South Dakota is "loose" with their COVID regulations, considering they left it up to business owners on whether to shut down during the pandemic last year.

Photo by The Ride Academy on Unsplash

What are your thoughts about this? With Bozeman, MT putting in some mask "recommendations", do you think this year's Sturgis rally will be a super spreader? Are you concerned about the motorists coming and going through our state and possibly spreading the Delta, which is labeled as being extremely contagious?

Check out the full list of events here.

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