Margaret Smith is one tough cookie.

The 89-year-old Delaware woman somehow survived after she was kidnapped and locked in the trunk of her car for two days last month.

Smith had stopped by a local convenience store for some ice cream when a pair of teenage girls asked her for a ride. Smith said, “I decided not to, then I said, ‘Well, a good deed.’”

That decision turned out to be a dangerous mistake. The girls grabbed Smith’s car keys and tossed her in the trunk of her car, where she remained for the next two days, with no food, water or blood pressure medication. The girls did open the trunk at one point to take her money and threatened to kill her if she ever mentioned the incident to anyone.

After two days, the girls popped open the trunk and let Smith go in a cemetery where someone eventually found her.

Police tracked down five girls involved in the crime and arrested them for their roles in the abduction.

Amazingly, Smith, who appears to have recovered, has kept a cool head about her ordeal, saying, “You got to be kind to other people if you want somebody to be kind to you.”


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