Beth Dutton is a character you can't turn away from on Yellowstone. In real life, actor Kelly Reilly might be the same.

The woman behind Beth is a constant source for behind-the-scenes insight and even a few show spoilers. On Instagram, Reilly recently added a photo to her Stories of five scripts from Season 5 of the Paramount Network western. The details are very telling.

Here's that photo of Yellowstone Season 5 scripts:

attachment-yellowstone scripts

Reilly shared scripts from Ep. 1 and Ep. 2, then Episodes 4-6, and fans have questions about the missing ep. Is Beth Dutton not a part of Episode 3? Are they filming out of sequence? Is it just tucked under Ep. 1?

There are more questions than answers, but here (thanks to a few eagle-eyed users of Reddit) are the confirmed details:

Season 5, Episode 1: Episode 501 is called "One Hundred Years Is Nothing," and like every other episode of the show, it was written by Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan (a few episodes had co-writers, mostly in Season 1 and Season 2). Stephen Kay will direct, which is telling, because he has directed all the biggest episodes of the show, including the last three finales and two season openers.

Season 5, Episode 2: The credits for Episode 502 are more difficult to read, but the title is "The Sting of Wisdom."

Season 5, Episode 3: Unknown

Season 5, Episode 4: Sheridan wrote "Horses in Heaven," and Christina Voros directs. She helmed episodes 5 and 6 of each of the last two seasons. Her Season 3 episodes centered on young Beth Dutton's abortion, and her Season 4 contribution focused on the origins of John Dutton and Summer Higgins' love affair.

Season 5, Episode 5: "Watch 'Em Ride Away" was written by Sheridan and directed by Voros.

Season 5, Episode 6: Kay returns to direct the next-to-last episode of the first half of Season 5. Sheridan wrote "Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You."

Fans of the show on Reddit and social media have all kinds of theories about what the titles could indicate, but typically, Yellowstone episode titles are not very telling. More often than not, they're rooted in a great line of dialogue. Still, it would seem like the title of the Nov. 13 Season 5 premiere episode of Yellowstone would allow for the show to flashback 100 years and cross-promote the newest origin story series. 1923, starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, begins in December.

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