Alissa Griffith can't believe she's watching an old flame with someone new in her new song "Somebody Else's Somebody." The singer and songwriter is premiering her new track, and its accompanying music video, with The Boot; readers can press play above to watch.

Written Griffith with Emily Falvey and Dave Pittinger, the latter of whom produced the track, "Somebody Else's Somebody" is a mournful, piano- and steel guitar-flecked song about the surprise that comes with a relationship's breakup. After knowing someone intimately, Griffith is stuck watching that person with someone new -- a shock to her system.

"I knew all about you like the back of my hand / Every tattoo under those clothes / I knew all your moves every time we danced / How you felt when you pulled me close / How your lips used you kiss when they’d touch me / How your eyes used to look when they’d want me," goes the chorus. "And i never thought you could un-love me / But now you’re somebody else’s somebody."

Griffith filmed her "Somebody Else's Somebody" music video at the Bowery Vault in East Nashville, Tenn. It's a performance clip, featuring the singer and a band, but near the end, viewers understand that that ex she's singing about is in the crowd with someone new.

An independent artist originally from Orange County, Calif., Griffith wrote her first song at the age of 11 and was signed to a publishing deal by the age of 17. She moved to Nashville at 21, and in November of 2017, she self-released a single, "The Gospel According to Ellen."

"Somebody Else's Somebody" is Griffith's seventh independent release, and the lead single from a forthcoming album. She's already released two other tracks in 2020, "Nothing to You" and "Feathers." Fans can keep up with Griffith at

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