Ashland Craft believes in karma: "Them heartbreak boys gonna get their hearts broke, too / Yeah, they always do," she sings in the chorus of her song "They Always Do."

"They Always Do," released in 2019, was Craft's first co-write with Ray Fulcher and Jonathan Singleton, the latter of whom pops up again and again in the songwriting credits for Craft's debut album, 2021's Travelin' Kind (due out on Sept. 3). In fact, Singleton produced that full project for Craft.

Below, Craft shares the story behind "They Always Do" in her own words.

"They Always Do" was, I believe, the first song that I ever wrote with Jonathan Singleton and Ray Fulcher. We wanted to write a song that was from the perspective of "these guys can do whatever they want — they can break your heart, they can get away with it — but what goes around comes around, and it's probably going to end up happening to them, too."

My goal as a songwriter has always been to keep it very down-the-middle in terms of the guy/girl thing. I think the main reason for that is, I want guys to be able to relate to my music just as much, but "They Always Do," I have just as many guys singing along ...

We got in the room, and I think it was Ray's idea ... and [for] the chorus, we were like, "Okay what are the things that are always gonna be a thing? Mama's gonna worry about you, Mondays are gonna drag on — always — and so we just wanted to make this cool, list-y thing ...

It's kind of like, you get sweet revenge to a certain extent without being a butthole about it; it's just like, well, they'll get theirs one day. It made me feel better about relationships, in a sense.

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