Ashland Craft's first release after she signed to Big Loud Records in early 2020 was "Trainwreck," a lyrical acknowledgement that she just needs to be alone right now. As she sings in the chorus, "Baby, I'm a trainwreck, a trainwreck / I'm comin' off the line / It's a sure bet you'll get your heart broke every time," she sings in the chorus.

Randy Montana and Channing Wilson co-wrote "Trainwreck," a song that Craft first heard when she was 22 years old. "All I can remember is my jaw literally hitting the floor," she tells American Songwriter. She was so impressed — but she also didn't know if she would ever be able to record it.

Below, Craft shares a bit more of the story behind the song: how she wound up recording "Trainwreck" and what it means to her, in her own words.

I met Channing through a writers' round at Eddie's Attic in Georgia. I had heard the song, and I fell in love with it, [but I] didn't think there was any way he was gonna let me do anything with it. But after I moved to Nashville, I spoke with him again, and he was willing enough to let me do the song, which helped me get a great start under Big Loud.

So, that was a really special song to me, as kind of my first song out to the public since I signed. I felt like it was a great representation of who I was, and also for the people that I love and am singing for ..."

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