Everything and just about everyone becomes consumed with the hit TV series Yellowstone. In fact, Yellowstone's season premiere on November 13th had the year's all-time biggest ratings. Yellowstone reminds me so much of the show Dallas, how everyone is talking about what happened the following day, kind of like, Who shot JR? Every week we sit on the edge of our seats to see what will happen next.

If you are a fan of the show then you know exactly what I am talking about when I mention the brand. On most ranches, the livestock is branded not the employees. Part of the legacy of any ranch is the branch. At Yellowstone Ranch the brand, it's so much more. If an employee is given the brand they belong to the ranch for life. By wearing the brand you are committed to the ranch and everyone and everything on it. You are required to protect the ranch at all costs.

Over Yellowstone's five seasons we have seen the brand come into play more than once. Some have taken the brand by choice and some have been given the brand to secure their loyalty. If you noticed in last Sunday night's episode you may have noticed that one of the ranchhand's brand was missing. You had to have had a keen eye to have caught this right away but of course, a Yellowstone superfan was quick to catch it.

At the beginning of the episode when everyone in the bunkhouse was getting ready for the day in the bathroom and talking about Lloyd's birthday Ryan pulls back the shower curtain to reveal that Walker, played by Ryan Bingham, is in the shower with the barrel racer. If you look closely when Walker gets out of the shower he doesn't have a brand. I guess makeup forgot to put it on him that day for filming.

One fan wrote: "I guess Walker's must have washed off in the shower."

See for yourself! You've got to love it when fans can catch these small mistakes.

Gwen's TV
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