Energy Smart Hartwick recently kicked off its Electric Vehicle Community Campaign with a webinar.  This is the first step in getting the town of Hartwick designated as a Climate Smart Community.  The designation will make the town eligible for state clean energy grants.

The campaign is designed “to encourage residents and businesses in the Town of Hartwick to learn more about electric vehicles and consider purchasing one,” Janet Williammee, committee organizer, said.

The long term goal “is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to our changing climate,” Williammee said.  Electric vehicle advocates say EVs save money, and reduce air pollution compared to gasoline-powered cars.

“EVs are more energy efficient, cost up to 70% less to operate, require less maintenance, and buyers are eligible for federal and state subsidies,” Amanda Kaier, Clean Energy Communities Coordinator for the Mohawk Valley, said.

Demand for charging stations will increase as more EVs hit the road. To meet demand the state and utilities are offering incentives to residents and businesses to install charges.  The number of EVs is growing fast. “There are 100,000 EVs registered in New York, and 225 in Otsego County,” Kaier said.

Energy Smart Hartwick is planning an electric vehicle car show May 21st from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Husky Park in Hartwick.  “Our goal is to have five to eight people buy electric vehicles this year,” Martha Clarvoe, event organizer, said.  Seven auto dealerships are participating in the NYS Drive Clean program in Otsego County.

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