There are a lot of country songs about beer. Let's be real, it's almost every other song. So I got to thinking, how many of these artists actually drink? You will be surprised at how many DO NOT DRINK. Some because they just don't care to, some needed to look at their mental health, and some, well, were sick of being in trouble.

Tim McGraw Official Facebook Page

Tim McGraw: Sober for 13 years, McGraw gives lots of credit to his wife, Faith Hill, for helping him get healthy and realizing he needs help with his problem with alcohol. Sober since 2008! Congrats Tim!

Brad Paisley Official Facebook Page

Brad Paisley: Paisley has never had an addiction or any sort to alcohol or drugs, he just doesn't care to drink. Ironic one of his biggest hits is called "Alcohol". Paisley sticks to the Yoo-Hoo instead!

Steve Earle Official Facebook Page

Steve Earle: 24 years sober of heroin, cocaine, opiates, he wasn't picky when it came to drugs. He credits the 12 step program, yoga, and regular gym sessions as part of his sobriety success.

Joe Nichols Official Facebook Page

Joe Nichols: Nichols started drinking whiskey at the tender age of 12! It took him many years and an intervention from family and friends to really find his path to sobriety! After an intensive in-patient stay in rehab, Nichols has been sober since 2008! Way To Go Joe!

Jo Dee Messina Official Facebook Page

Jo Dee Messina: Finally finding beauty in the world, Messina also found beauty sobriety in 2004! A couple of glasses of wine a day turned into needing alcohol to cope with life on the road and industry stress. We are sure proud of you Jo Dee!

Chris Janson Official Facebook Page

Chris Janson: "Fix a Drink", Janson, doesn't actually fix himself ANY drinks. Not claiming any addiction problems, Jason met and married his wife Kelly, and decided he didn't want to drink anymore. Also claiming, he is too skinny to drink and it wouldn't take much. Whatever works for ya Janson!

Shania Twain Official Facebook Page

Shania Twain: Loving and sticking to a clean way of life, Twain doesn't drink, smoke, and prides herself on following a vegetarian diet. Twain's band is also on the "clean train", as she has the same expectations for the members. She doesn't like booze or drugs and wants her band to feel the same way. You Go Girl!

Brantley Gilbert Official Facebook Page

Brantley Gilbert: When it comes to sobriety, Gilbert thinks of two things. Keith Urban and December 18, 2011. Gilbert gives much appreciation to the fellow country singer who helped him get the courage to take his first step to sober living. December 18, 2011, is the last day that Gilbert had a drink or ingested any drugs. Keep on Keepin on Brantley!

Keith Urban Official Facebook Page

Keith Urban: Over 13 years sober, Urban has been a remarkable role model for so many! With the help, love, and understanding from his wife, Nicole Kidman, Urban has been able to live his life to the fullest, making the most memories possible. Coming from "down under" to be on top of the world, we are sure proud of you Keith!

Billy Joe Shaver Official Facebook Page

Billy Jo Shaver: Shaver's passing in October of last year, will not shadow Shaver's accomplished sobriety!  With over 20 years sober, Shaver did not have an easy route. Shaver's addiction was in control of his life for a long time, but not for over 20 years. Tragically, Shaver lost his son to addiction in 2020, something no parent wants to ever go through. Congrats Shaver, or as I like to call you, The King Of Sobriety!

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