Kelsey Waldon is asking fans to be on the lookout for stolen gear after her van was robbed in Houston, Texas, on Thursday night (Nov. 21). The singer-songwriter is circulating a list of stolen items on Twitter, in hopes that they'll be recovered.

Waldon was in Houston to play a show at the White Oak Music Hall with Jamie Lin Wilson on Thursday night. The thieves made off with a lengthy list of microphones, pedalboards, tuners and other gear.

"If you live in the area, be on the lookout for this gear on Craigslist, guitar and pawn shops, etc!" Waldon writes. "On a positive note, this could of been so much worse ..."

Indeed, Waldon is looking on the bright side: "Some pretty badass country records have been made by just plugging instruments bare bones into amps (with no pedal boards)," she points out. She's been lent some gear to finish out her shows in Texas and Arkansas, though.

The first signee to John Prine's Oh Boy Records in 15 years, Waldon is a Kentucky native who released a new album, White Noise / White Lines, this fall. She co-produced the project with Dan Knobler; it's her third record, following 2016's I've Got a Way and 2014's The Goldmine.

"I also feel like this is kind of like, 'Country girl’s been around the world a few times.’ There's a lot more experience, but it's still rooted somewhere, which will hopefully show all the layers of the person," Waldon says of the album. "I feel like sometimes our region is misunderstood around the world as well, so it's also bringing light to that. It's all those values, but it's always evolving, even though I remain the same. I'm still that down-home girl, but I'm a whole lot of other things too."

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