Shortly after signing to John Prine's Oh Boy Records, Kelsey Waldon went into the studio with her new label head for an easygoing, live rendition of his 1971 classic, "Paradise." In advance of her upcoming label debut, White Noise / White Lines, fans can now see the two artists' duet for themselves. Press play above to watch!

Waldon tells Sounds Like Nashville that despite Prine's impressive legacy as a performer, she found it easy and natural to sing alongside him. "I really didn't know what we were going to do when we went into the studio that day because it was very loose," the singer explains of the performance. "It was very, very comfortable. I always love singing with John. I've sang duets with him numerous times, and it never gets old. "

Between her iconic duet partner, the song choice and the fact that Waldon went into the studio that day just before announcing her new label deal, the singer says the experience of filming this song will always be a treasured memory.

"I'll sing 'Paradise' with John anytime he would like me to, and honestly, it's a day I'll never forget because it's the day before they announced the signing. I just couldn't believe I was actually getting to be in the studio with John Prine," she continues. "It was a special day for all of us, and he kept us laughing. We literally were cracking up the whole time, and I think he had a lot of fun, too."

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