Typically when a concert attender is invited onstage to sing, it involves a painful duet and a lot of laughs. But when Kristin Chenoweth invited fan Sarah Horn to sing 'For Good' from 'Wicked,' everyone was shocked -- in a really good way.

Last week at the Hollywood Bowl, Chenoweth performed with the LA Philharmonic, and picked Horn out of the massive crowd as her duet partner. Little did Chenoweth know, she picked the most eligible singer in the audience that evening. Not only is Horn a southern California voice teacher and musical theater fan, she's also an incredibly talented songstress.

According to Broadway World, Horn recalls, "When she had planted me in my spot next to her, I remember bringing the microphone to my lips and breathily quivering, 'I'm on stage with Kristin Chenoweth,' still in complete shock." That's when her nerves melted away -- and when she opened her mouth to sing, it was Chenoweth's turn to be surprised, as her mouth fell open in complete shock.

Their duet was flawless and beautiful. "There was such joy, elation, a spontaneous musical spark that we shared in that moment," Horn explains. "It was unlike anything I have ever experienced." At one point, the Broadway star stopped singing and exclaimed, "Holy crap. Harmony." After the performance, she pulled the fan in an enthusiastic hug.

Chenoweth wasn't the only fan of Horn that evening. When the fan-turned-star of the show exited the stage, she returned to take a few more bows for the audience that just couldn't stop applauding. Then, the 'Wicked' star said, "Remind me never to pick someone who sings better than I do. Seriously, people. This voice is teaching our young people." She called the performance "inspiring" and took a moment to compose herself, obviously deeply moved by the talented teacher.

Perhaps Broadway has found another star, via a random audience pick. You never know when dreams might come true!

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