U.K. fans who were expecting to see 'What Would Dolly Do' performed by the one and only Kristin Chenoweth are facing deep disappointment, as the lively performer's U.K. tour has been canceled.

Tour promoter Spekulation Entertainment said in a recent statement, "We regret to announce that we are unable to present our planned U.K. tour with Tony and Emmy Award winning star Kristin Chenoweth and that the tour has therefore been canceled. We are deeply sorry to disappoint Kristin's many U.K. fans... We wish to make it clear that the decision to cancel the tour is a result of Spekulation Entertainment's unforeseen circumstances, and that Kristin is saddened not to be able to perform here as planned. She was looking forward to performing to her sold-out audiences," according to the Boot.

Indeed, the 44-year-old entertainer was extremely disappointed, according to her frustrated tweet which showcased her deep regret at not being able to play at a sold-out London show. It appears that there may have been some trouble brewing, as the spunky performer also tweeted a few reasons for the canceled tour, including "no tickets, no work permits and nothing done."

While fans can expect a full refund, it just can't make up for the hasty cancellation for a tour that was supposed to kick off on Monday (Mar. 11) in London, with three more stops across Great Britain. At least all of her die-hard fans know that Chenoweth is commiserating with them, as she said via Twitter, "Trust me nobody is more heartbroken than I. Devastated."

The sassy country singer/actress has a few shows planned in Los Angeles this summer, but it sounds like her U.K. fans will have to get their fill of the 'Some Lessons Learned' star via their iPods instead of in person. They'll also be able to witness her appearance in 'Rio 2' next summer, as she's part of the all-star vocal cast.

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