The Otsego County Department of Health (OCDH) released their COVID-19 report yesterday, stating that there are were 21 new cases confirmed in the county. Of the recent confirmed cases, there have been 42 cases linked to the Copper Fox where
those with COVID-19 were either at the bar or were exposed to a confirmed case of someone who was at the bar. Along with the Copper Fox related cases, there is a
potential exposure to COVID for those who were at the Red Jug Pub on Friday, November 20. If that's you, monitor yourself for ANY symptoms until December 4th. In Otsego County, there are currently 93 active cases with 4 hospitalizations. Health officials are very concerned with the significant jump in cases.  Of the 1236 total confirmed cases (since last March), 764 cases are linked to SUNY Oneonta (according to the OCDH) and 71 are associated with Hartwick College.

In Delaware County, Delaware County Public Health reported Tuesday (11/24) that there are now 49 known active cases in the county. There are currently 5 people hospitalized with COVID-19 complications. The number of county residents under mandatory quarantine is at 222.

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In Chenango County, according to the New York State COVID-19 Tracker, yesterday, 5 new confirmed cases were reported for the county. The total confirmed cases for Chenango County (since March) is at 583.

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