By Ron Galley
Townsquare Media in Walton has used our  main lobby for a drop off location for people or organizations to leave items for the Walton Food Bank. In recent weeks thanks to the Post Office employees in Downsville and Walton we have 2 large boxes of non perishable items set for delivery. Recently, Trevor Dolenges, from Delhi and Reece Norton , Downsville, art students from BOCES, dropped of a large container of food for the local pantry.

The story they shared is what a food drive is all about. Robin Little, Harrold Boces Art Instructor in Masonville came up with an idea to collect a large number of canned goods, mostly soup and stack them to form a large  American Flag, which was proudly displayed in the school lobby. According to Trevor and Reece, it took quite a while to complete the project, a main issue was to keep the food items from tipping over. The good news for local food banks, when the cans were disassembled the canned goods were delivered to the locations stocking their shelves for those who need food items.  Dolenges and Norton brought a  large supply of food to our location and were taken to the Walton Food Bank this week.

It is stories like this that show the caring and support of the local communities that help keep the food pantries in business. Items that are in constant need include sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa, soup, tin meats and tin fruits, jellies, children's treats, peanut butter, potatoes. You are invited to stop by our broadcast location, any Monday through Friday between 6 Am and 5 PM to drop off items for the Walton Food Bank. We are located on the second floor, over the Liquor Emporium on Delaware Street, studio 2B. We are elevator accessible. I will take the donations to the food bank, located at the United Presbyterian Church, 58 East Street Tuesday mornings. A big thank you to the Big M. Because of the large  number of items that needed to be delivered, they graciously let me borrow one of the large grocery carts to transport the items.  Denny DuMond, a food bank volunteer was in charge Tuesday. He was grateful for to the postal employees who donated so much food and when told about the BOCES students, said it makes him emotional when kids contribute in such a generous way.

Remember, hunger never takes a day off.

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