Someday we'll all look back (and I hope it's soon) at this coronavirus pandemic and we'll have our memories. I think the hardest part about it now is that we don't know when it'll be over.

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We like to see that we're making progress and it certainly doesn't feel that way to me. We are an instant gratification kind of people and we don't like working on things if it seems to be going nowhere. That's another story for another day.

I have some friends that are writing things on Facebook so that it'll come up next year in their memories. St. Jude has a coloring book for kids that can help them learn and to answer any questions that they might have with everything that's been going on.

I'm thinking about writing a journal to keep track of everything going on during this difficult time. Keeping track of the price of gas, things that are missing at the grocery store, and the weird dreams that I'm having.

The nice thing about writing it down and not putting it on Facebook is that I can write about anything I want. If I'm feeling stress, anxious, or upset with our politicians, I don't need to worry about what other people might think or how they'll react.

I'm not afraid of their reaction but I'm not looking for a discussion with them either. Face it, some people have been BRUTAL with their responses. I think most of us have lost our minds a little in one way or another.

The key: Just start writing and make it part of your routine. We will get through this and most importantly, DON'T STOP ON SIX.

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