The Hobbs Sisters aren't ready to be tied down just yet, and they're offering a warning to anyone who might try with their single "Starting Fires." The brand-new song is premiering exclusively on The Boot; press play below to listen.

Written by Hannah and Lauren Hobbs with Joe Ebach, "Starting Fires" cautions potential paramours against getting too attached. "If you think I'm bein' flirtatious / Well, that just demonstrates that you probably had me all wrong from the start ... I'm good at startin' fires that I can't put out," they sing.

"We wrote this song about those relationships where one person is ready to commit and the other person is still figuring out what she wants," explains Lauren Hobbs. "It’s a fun, playful song that we hope listeners can relate to when they hear it!"

Adds Hannah Hobbs, "With this song, we really wanted to capture the energy that we bring to our live shows."

Lauren and Hannah Hobbs are twins originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. (Hannah is older by one minute). Their grandfather encouraged their musical inclinations from a young age, sharing country music and the guitar with them. Growing up, the Hobbses performed in their church's choir and, in high school, a barbershop quartet. After college at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C., they headed for Nashville.

"Starting Fires" is due out widely on Friday (May 21) and available to pre-save now; the song follows the duo's most recent single, "What If It Was." Fans can keep up with the Hobbs Sisters at

Listen to the Hobbs Sisters' "Starting Fires":

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