Unless you own a business and work all by yourself, you will experience workplace annoyances simply because people are all different and have their own way of doing things.  After discovering an empty toilet paper roll in the bathroom this morning at work, I started asking my coworker here at Townsquare Media, what some of their biggest workplace pet peeves are.  Below is the list we all came up with.  I bet you can relate to a lot of these!

  • Empty toilet paper roll or paper towel rack in the bathroom (replace it people!)
  • Computer problems stop you in your tracks and nothing can get done until it gets fixed (Arghhhh! )
  • The printer is out of toner or paper and there are no supplies left
  • People leave their dirty dishes in the sink and moldy food in the fridge (Yuck!)
  • Someone sat in your chair and changed the height and it's hard to get it back in the right spot
  • You like your workspace neat but you have to share it with messy coworkers
  • The boss adds to your work load on your busiest day and of course it has to be done ASAP!  Surprise!
  • People constantly interrupt you and you can't get anything done
  • Someone is wearing hideous cologne and it's stinking up the office
  • Your coworker is eating aromatic take-out food again and it's making you VERY hungry!
  • The office whiner is at it AGAIN!
  • Peeing on the toilet seat (seriously?!)

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